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Treated Seed: Great for Your Field, But Bad for Your Grain Bin

As the season moves from spring planting to fall harvest, please keep in mind that all of the elevators within CHS adhere to a zero tolerance policy for treated seed occurring in grain. With this in mind, please take time to ensure all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before using it to haul grain.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure your grain remains free of treated seed:

  • When borrowing equipment, ask questions about past use. If you plan to borrow equipment to move grain, it’s important to know what the equipment has handled in the past.  Don’t forget to do your own inspection of the equipment before use, too.
  • Remember that a visual inspection is not enough. Seeds can get stuck in the smallest of spaces, and there are a number of crevices in equipment that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Pressure washing to ensure a thorough cleaning is recommended.
  • When in doubt, keep equipment separate. The best way to ensure no cross-contamination occurs is to keep separate the equipment that hauls seed and the equipment that hauls grain.

The team at CHS is here to ensure your farm is successful, from spring planting to fall harvest and every moment in between.  Contact a member of our grain team for additional information on our zero tolerance policy and what’s happening in the grain markets.

ATV Safety This Season

ATVs are different than other vehicles, as well from one another. Make sure you know the unique operating procedures for the ATV you are riding. Remember to be cautious and to know the limitations of both your skill and the equipment. Serious injury can result from improper use of these machines.

Below are key points to inspecting and operating your ATV safely:
Inspect Before You Ride
– Tires and wheels
– Controls and cables
– Lights and electrical
– Oil and fuel

Reading Terrain
– Know the land you are riding on and the limitations of your machine
– Stay away from dangerous terrain, such as steep slopes, swamps, or tall grasses
– When dismounting the ATV, watch carefully for mud, holes, ruts, or other obstacles that could trip you up

Proper Speed
– Always look ahead and choose a speed that is proper for the terrain, visibility, operating conditions, and your experience.
– Pick the safest paths of travel around or over hazards.
– Adjust your speed well in advance when approaching a hazard.

Travel Safely Up and Down Hills
– Some hills are just too steep for your ATV – if the hill you are approaching looks too steep, it probably is.
– When approaching an uphill climb, move up on the seat and lean forward.
– Do not attempt to ride backward down a hill – should you begin rolling backward, do not apply the rear break abruptly.

Agellum™: A Winning Game Plan

Agellum™ — a full-farm planning and management solution from CHS — integrates, aggregates, and activates your farm’s unique data from machinery, apps, equipment, and more. Agellum empowers better agronomic and economic decisions through planning, analysis, and collaboration.

Just like every smart coach has a detailed playbook, Agellum includes a robust farm planning tool that helps to extend your farm’s winning streak. Follow along below as we compare using Agellum to executing a winning football game and how to use Agellum to have a winning growing season not only this year, but for years to come.


Just like any good football coach, success on your farm doesn’t start at kickoff. You’ve been preparing for this growing season all year long – and Agellum’s all-in-one farm plan will help you easily manage your growing season playbook. Work with your local CHS Agronomy Sales Team to get your game plan ready today and into the next season.

Planting & the Early Growing Season

You made your game plan in Agellum, figuring out what works best in your field, and ran some plays through the first half of the growing season. Now that it’s halftime, it’s time to go back and review those plays to ensure the most successful second half possible. Review your early growing season in Agellum and work with your local team at CHS to make some adjustments to your farm plan to finish the game strong!

Late Growing Season

Worried about your crops falling behind in the second half? Navigate the rest of this growing season using Agellum features such as geo-specific scouting notes, soil sampling points and in-season imagery to make sure you are striving for the crop’s full potential.  Proper planning and data management will make this third quarter one to remember!

Harvest & Growing Season Review

In the fourth quarter, you need that extra boost to finish strong and come out on top. Look no further than Agellum to manage your risks, plan for the finish, and monitor what solutions and tools have worked throughout the game to add to your farm’s winning record! After the game, don’t forget to update your records to ensure the most accurate break-evens get reflected for each of your fields.

Are you ready to be a champion this season? With a variety of actionable tools and features, Agellum brings your data to life and takes your operation to the next level, all season long. Contact your local CHS agronomy sales representative or CHS Yieldpoint® Specialist for more information about how Agellum can fit on your acres.

CHS Level Best: A True Innovation

CHS Level Best® is an innovative product that dramatically improves post-emergence herbicide effectiveness. A top performing nonionic surfactant, this product helps your herbicide perform at its “Level Best.”  

  • CHS Level Best® is a superior deposition aid that that improves uniform coverage, adhesion, and penetration of the active ingredient into crops. 
  • CHS Level Best® is formulated with an AMS-FREE water conditioner that helps to prevent the loss of active ingredient efficacy that can occur when the mixing water is mineral saturated or of unknown quality. 
  • CHS Level Best® is recommended for use with a broad range of crops and non-crops when tank mixing active ingredients like glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba. 
  • CHS Level Best® includes a defoamer for easier mixing that is formulated for increased performance, significantly improves uptake, translocation, and efficacy of your herbicide, and is easy-to-use at a low rate.  

Interested in learning more about CHS Level Best®? Read more about the product CHS Level Best and contact your Agronomy Sales Representative to determine how this product can benefit your fields and farming operation!  

Meet the 2020 Summer Interns

Even amidst new working circumstances over these past few months, CHS is excited to introduce 6 new interns for this summer! These interns will be working out of different locations in our business unit, and are excited to learn and develop new skills over the summer. We wish them all the best over the next few months and hope they learn a lot to utilize in their future careers!

Freeing phosphorus: New ways to add crop nutrient availability

An innovative option makes broadcast crop nutrient applications more available.

Farmers wouldn’t be satisfied with just 20 percent weed control from a herbicide application, but that’s typically the best nutrient availability they can expect from dry phosphate fertilizer applications.

“Under the best soil conditions, only one-fifth of applied phosphorus may be available to the crop throughout the season,” says Steve Carlsen, Levesol and crop enhancement manager, CHS Agronomy. “Availability is even less when soil pH levels are too high or too low or in soils that contain too little organic matter.”


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