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4 Tips for Harvest Safety

Fall harvest is underway for many farmers in our area. The change of season is a busy time for most, and there are things we can do to ensure we go through this time without incidents.

Watch for signs of fatigue. When we are tired, we make mistakes. It may cost some time to take a break, but, in the long run, you may save your own life, or someone else’s.

Take care with equipment. Technology has allowed equipment to get bigger and more powerful. Take time to walk around equipment to look for safety issues. Be familiar with the equipment you are operating and stay aware of how much space you need to operate safely.

Safety on roadways. It is essential to pay attention when you’re moving equipment and to understand other drivers on the road might not know the rules regarding what you are doing. Make sure hazard lights are on, if appropriate, and all the proper signs and markings are displayed.

Take time for safety. While safety precautions can take time, it is time well spent. Most of us have taken shortcuts and not gotten hurt, but is the benefit of saving a few minutes worth the risk of a serious incident?

From all of us at CHS, we wish you a safe and successful harvest season.

Tips courtesy of Country Operations EHS Excellence Under Pressure Newsletter

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