3 Reasons to Complete a Farm Plan

Are you taking full advantage of the downtime between harvest and planting?  This time of the year, our agronomy team is busy working on farm plans for spring 2018.  If you haven’t completed your 2018 farm plan, here are a few reasons you should:

  • Farm plans provide you with a good idea of your input expenses, which is helpful in securing any needed funding for the upcoming planting year.
  • Creating a plan now and thinking through each of your fields makes spring go smoother. By knowing what crop you are planting where and what fertility, seed, and crop protection needs you may have on each field, you will be able to better plan for and respond to the rush of spring planting.
  • It allows us to better serve you. Knowing what products and services you will need for the upcoming year lets us ensure we are adequately prepared, having the appropriate products and adequate staff to serve you.

Talk to your personal Agronomy Sales Representative or a member of our agronomy staff to learn more about the farm planning process and to start your plan today!

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