Treated Seed: Great for Your Field, But Bad for Your Grain Bin

As the season moves from spring planting to fall harvest, please keep in mind that all of the elevators within CHS adhere to a zero tolerance policy for treated seed occurring in grain. With this in mind, please take time to ensure all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before using it to haul grain.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure your grain remains free of treated seed:

  • When borrowing equipment, ask questions about past use. If you plan to borrow equipment to move grain, it’s important to know what the equipment has handled in the past.  Don’t forget to do your own inspection of the equipment before use, too.
  • Remember that a visual inspection is not enough. Seeds can get stuck in the smallest of spaces, and there are a number of crevices in equipment that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Pressure washing to ensure a thorough cleaning is recommended.
  • When in doubt, keep equipment separate. The best way to ensure no cross-contamination occurs is to keep separate the equipment that hauls seed and the equipment that hauls grain.

The team at CHS is here to ensure your farm is successful, from spring planting to fall harvest and every moment in between.  Contact a member of our grain team for additional information on our zero tolerance policy and what’s happening in the grain markets.

New Horizons News:

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  • As of 6.30am CT. the U.S. dollar was up .050 at 95.500, crude oil is up $0.29 at $48.53 per barrel, and the DOW is down 7 at 18,212.
  • 1-5 day weather forecasts continues to look wet for most of the Corn Belt.  0.25″ – 1″ is expected this week across IA, IL, IN, and OH.


  • Corn had a light volume trade overnight, trading in just a 3 ½ cent range. December Corn is currently at the bottom end of its range.
  • Friday’s Quarterly Stocks report has corn at 1.738bb, versus average trade estimate of 1.754; a slightly supportive figure for corn futures.
  • The Commitment of Trader report showed large speculators and funds as dedicated sellers, selling an additional 29,000 contracts, now holding a net short position of 192,000 as of Tuesday, Sep. 27th.


  • The Commitment of Traders report show large speculators and funds cut their long positions in half over the previous week, now holding a net long position of 29,000 contracts.
  • Malaysian palm oil futures and Chinese markets are closed and consequently unchanged from last week due to a Holiday.
  • Friday’s Quarterly Stocks report has soybeans at 197mb, versus that average trade estimate of 201mb; a slightly supportive figure for soybean futures.


  • The Commitment of Traders report shows large speculators and funds sold 1,000 contracts and are net short 145,000 Chicago Wheat contracts.
  • Chicago and KC are 2 – 3 cents lower and Mpls is unchanged as we near the end of the overnight session.
  • Friday’s Quarterly Stocks report has wheat at 2.527bb, versus the average trade estimate of 2.397bb; a bearish figure for wheat futures.


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