Cenex® Automated Fuel Delivery

Your new favorite fuel tool.

At a glance, Automated Fuel Delivery (AFD) offers value through:

1.) Peace of Mind

With advanced tank monitoring, you (and our delivery team) know your updated fuel levels daily. No more waiting for a fill on an empty tank during the busy season, as your tank is automatically added to the delivery list as fuel is used.

2.) Time Savings

No more calls to your fuel supplier to place an order, and no more late night worry during the busy season on the status of your fuel tank. AFD makes fuel inventory easy to manage.

3.) Average Pricing

It always seems like you get a fuel delivery the day the markets are at monthly highs, right? With AFD, your pricing is set as an average throughout the month, evening out your fuel bill.

Think the market is going to go up? You can also buy out your tank, giving you flexible options on making smart input purchases.

Our team is happy to answer questions about this program or get you enrolled. Contact us today!

Dan Revering
Certified Energy Specialist
Cell: 218-205-7796

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