It’s that time of year again to stock up on Cenex® Grease that’ll make you eligible for to earn VISA® Gift Cards!

Summer is right around the corner, and the 2021 Summer Grease for Gift Cards promotion will soon kickoff to reward customers for buying Cenex® grease. From June 15 through August 14, 2021, customers can earn a $15 VISA® gift card for every 4-10 pack or 35# pail, OR a $50 VISA gift card for every 120# keg of qualifying products purchased.

Qualifying products include:

  • Corn Head Grease
  • HD Moly Xtreme
  • Poly-Xtreme®
  • Maxtron® EP
  • Blue Gard® 500+™
  • Molyplex 500+
  • Maxtron® FS
  • Red Protect XT®
  • ML 365®
  • Fluid Gear Grease

Once the program begins:

  1. Customers will be provided a Summer Grease for Gift Cards Redemption Form at time of Cenex grease purchase.
  2. Customers, or dealer on behalf of the customer, must complete the redemption form, attach the qualifying sales receipt(s) or invoices, and mail it to CHS post-marked no later than September 16, 2021.

Contact your local certified energy specialist, Dan Revering, with any questions via email at or phone at 218-205-7796.

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