June 8th Scouting Report


Curious what’s happening throughout our territory?  Members of our agronomy team weigh in below with what they’re seeing in fields so far this season.

Sam Westby Scouting Report
CHS New Horizons in Chokio

     Corn: Corn is anywhere from V3-V5 stage around here. We are starting to see more and more weeds poking through in fields that had pre-emergence chemistry applied.

     Soybeans: Most soybeans have their first trifoliate and we are noticing that the pre-emergence chemistry is petering out but did a great job on the weed control to this point. Will begin spraying here very shortly if not already.


Brian Oachs Scouting Report
CHS New Horizons in Herman

     Corn:  We are seeing rapid corn growth out there. We run into variation across the spectrum due to wet planting conditions along with the fields that were planted in rather dry conditions. A good flush of weeds is coming up through the corn now that the pre-emergence chemistry is broken down.

     Soybeans:  In the soybeans, there is a good handful of volunteer corn we are tracing back to the heavy winds last fall. We are seeing lots of beans in their first trifoliate, again running into ever-changing emergence due to being planted in dry ground.

Be out scouting diligently watching for weeds; Water Hemp, Ragweed, and Lambs Quarter are on the move.


Landen Cole Scouting Report
CHS New Horizons in Fergus Falls (East Plant)

     Corn & Soybeans: There has been a lot of uneven emergence out in the fields due to dry soil conditions at planting.  With sporadic rainfall, conditions haven’t improved much.  Recent weather has allowed for some corn and bean seedlings to catch up.  Corn is anywhere from spike to V6.  Soybeans are anywhere from pre-emergence to V2.

We are finishing spraying on wheat, staying really busy spraying corn, and we will be switching over to beans next week.  Weather and the calendar date are concerns when timing out different platforms such as Liberty® and Xtend® soybeans.  It’s important to remember to layer residual products when applying early post-emerge herbicides for best weed control.

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