Lawn and Garden

Locally, CHS manufactures fertilizer blends for lawns, gardens, hunting plots, and retail opportunities at our agronomy facility in Elrosa, Minnesota. With a plastic bag sealer as part of our setup, we offer 40 and 50 pound plastic bags and in some cases, 2,000 pound tote bags are also able to be manufactured.

We are able to make blends with all of the macro nutrients and a large portion of micro nutrients such as iron, manganese, magnesium, sulfur, copper, zinc, boron as well as 2 different types of slow release nitrogen forms.

Custom blends are commonly made and create an exciting path towards finding that perfect analysis. We currently have nearly 20 registered blends that are available for retail, and are always willing to create new blends as needed to satisfy demand.

Grass seed and lawn chemical are also avaliable, upon request.

For assistance, contact Nathan Heinze in Elrosa at 320-697-5566.

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