Contracting Options

Locally, CHS offers numerous grain marketing options to fit each unique producer and the current market prices.   The below list is just an overview; please talk to a member of our grain team for additional information and assistance determining which options are best for your operation and today’s markets.

Forward Price Contract: Lock in your cash price for a specified quantity of bushels for a specified delivery date and location in the future. A great contract to capture grain prices for time ahead of delivery. No additional fees, easy to use.

Hedge To Arrive Contract (HTA): Price the futures when levels are attractive and set basis separately prior to time of delivery. Allows you to protect yourself from downside risk in the futures market while continuing to have opportunity to possibly capture any improvement in basis.

Basis Contract: Set the basis on your contract prior to locking in the futures. A specific quantity of bushels are sold to a designated location for a certain delivery period. A great opportunity if you want to deliver bushels and are satisfied with the basis level but want more time to potentially capture futures gain.

CHS Compass Contracts: Get a premium to the current market in exchange for a possible additional bushel commitment for a future date. With CHS compass contracts you can lock in floors and capture premiums the market may otherwise not provide. Customizable to your operation and specific time frames. Basis can be set at any time.

Minimum Price Contracts: Lock in a floor on your futures contract and continue to participate in potential upside in the grain market using options. Basis can be set at any time. Customizable to your market bias, operation, and time period.

Average Price Contract: Average Price Contracts add discipline and diversity to your grain marketing program by selling an equal amount of bushels each week during specified pricing period. You determine the bushel quantity as well as the delivery month and location.  Basis can be set at any time.

CHS ProAdvantage: The CHS ProAdvantage contracts gives you the opportunity to add diversity to your grain program by allowing the grain professionals at Russell Consulting to price your bushels over a 1 or 2 year time period. The team at Russell Consulting uses their global knowledge and involvement to identify opportunity in the market to price your grain using a wide variety of marketing strategies. The only thing you have to decide is the quantity of bushels to put in the program and delivery location. Basis can be set at any time will the contract is pricing or at the conclusion, before delivery.

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