Producer Financing

CHS Capital producer loan products

Contact us today for assistance in applying for producer financing loan products including:

Crop input loans

Crop input loans finance the direct purchase of products from CHS and our retail cooperative partners. They’re a convenient way to finance product purchases with limited paperwork and quick decision timeframes. And they provide a no-hassle direct link to your retail supplier for easy servicing and administration. Start your CHS Capital Financing Application now.

Margin call loans

Having access to adequate margin call funds can mean the difference between making the most of a market opportunity and missing out on an optimal price point. CHS Hedge Line, a collaborative program with CHS Hedging, offers pre-qualified customers access to additional capital for hedging without affecting current operating lines of credit.

Contact for more information about this special program.

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Contact CHS Capital to learn more about your financing options at 1-800-323-8916 or

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Credit Application

Fill out the credit application as completely as you can and be sure to sign it. Upon approval, this application will provide credit at our various locations. To apply, please print the linked document, complete it, then mail to the address on the form or drop off at one of our locations.

Download Credit Application

When filling out a credit application, please ensure that you have filled out a patronage form as well. If you do not have one on file or need to update it, please download the patronage form here.

Download Patronage Form

If you have questions, please contact a member of our financing team.

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