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Delayed Pricing Programs

Impacting deliveries to Fergus Falls, Underwood, Herman, Morris, Chokio and Wilmot.

Effective: 09/14/2021
$.05/month on all new corn deliveries
Must be priced by 08/31/2022

Effective: 09/14/2021
$.05/month on all new soybean deliveries
Must be priced by 09/30/2022

Effective: 01/07/2021
Free DP on all new wheat deliveries
Must be priced by 07/31/2021

Patrons have 10 days to price Delayed Price Grain; if not priced in those 10 days, storage starts from date delivered. Delayed Price Grain may NOT be applied to future contracts. Programs subject to change at any time.

Impacting deliveries to Glenwood, Lowry and Long Prairie.

Corn, Soybeans and Wheat
$0.05 per bushel per month

Discount Schedules

Corn Discount Schedule*
Effective: 09/14/2021
Moisture Requirements: 15%
Shrink Factor: 1.5% Per Point from 14.5%
Drying Charge: $0.04 Per Point 15-25%. $.06 per point over 25%

Soybean Discount Schedule*
Effective: 08/06/2020
Moisture Requirements: 13.0%
Shrink Factor: 2% Per Point
Drying Charge: $0.15 cents at 15.1%

Wheat Discount Schedule*
Effective: 08/14/19
Moisture Requirements: 13.5%
Protein discounts
+$.00 1/5 up from 14.0
-$.02 1/5 down from 14.0
Shrink Factor: 3.0% Per Point

*Subject to change at any time

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