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ATV Reminders and Safety

  1. Make sure your ATV ramps are designed for ATV use, properly rated for the load and are long enough to prevent an overly steep approach to the truck or trailer bed.
  2. When rolling your ATV up or down ramps, secure them to the truck with a pair of tie-downs. Without them, jerky acceleration or braking can easily cause the ramps to slip and fall off the tailgate.
  3. Secure the ATV before driving with appropriate straps or tiedowns. Every time you stop and get out of your vehicle, check to make sure your straps are tight and see if the load has shifted. keep in mind, if you’re hauling in the rain, nylon straps stretch when they get wet, so extra attention is needed if things are damp.
  4. An easy way to save the front of your bed from damage, or even worse, your rear window from being broken by your quad’s bumper, use an old tire to wedge it between the ATV before tying it forward. A simple wood box works too!
  5. Using an extra tie-down or a bungee cord over a loose seat or a set of fender could save you from a ruined day.
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