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Consolidation Announcement

As CHS continues to strategically align our cooperative, we are advancing an integrated, enterprise product line and supply chain to bring one consistent approach to our customers and farmer-owners. To accomplish this, the producer boards and management teams of CHS Prairie Lakes and CHS based in Herman, Minnesota have made the decision to consolidate the two business units within CHS.

The two CHS business units have complimentary locations and other operational efficiencies and jointly leveraging our business, assets, products and services will create value for our owners while improving services and offerings to better serve customers. The energy teams began working together this year and have discovered significant opportunities for growth and improved customer service through this partnership. We look forward to scaling that success to other core areas.

Tentative plan is to finalize consolidation by fiscal year end on Aug. 31, 2021. Carl Younce, interim general manager of CHS Prairie Lakes, will continue through the end of May. At that time, Jerry Kramer, current general manager of CHS in Herman, will take over management responsibilities for both business units and serve as the general manager of the combined business. Our goal is to determine the rest of the senior leadership team for the new consolidated business unit by the end of fiscal year 2021.

This consolidation allows us to deliver on Country Operations strategy by streamlining our services and offerings while capitalizing on economies of scale and more efficient use of assets and resources across the expanded geographical territory.

As our customers and owners, you should see little change in how you interact with CHS on a day-to-day business as we will be offering all the same products and services you expect and need from us.

Our focus continues to be on delivering solutions to you that make it easy, helpful and rewarding to do business with CHS.

Thank you for your support,
Steven Deal, Chair, CHS based in Herman, Minnesota & Brian Jergenson, Chair, CHS Prairie Lakes

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